We landshark with turtle backpacks and obsess over our unhealthy, non-existant relationship with JennaMarbles.
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yeah. i’ll make the quotes photoset later or maybe tomorrow.

can you guys please send me your favorite quotes from JennaMarbles & the videos they’re in.

i need your help…

can you guys message me or reply saying what’s you favorite JennaMarbles quotes and what videos they’re from so that i can make a gif set of her best quotes. Thanks ;)

Anonymous asked:
"Hey! I guess you've prolly abandoned this blog, but in case you do see that, could it be possible for you to post your PSD? Cause I love the colouring and I can't seem to get it right. Okay thanks!"

Sure! I’ll post a PSD. I just have to find them so it might take a while since my file is massive, but I’ll do that for you very soon. Thanks ;)

Anonymous asked:
"your edits are really HQ but you're so unreliable. you only post once in a blue moon, and it makes me really sad that you can't really commit to something you actually do well."

Thank you so much and I apologize for not posting gifs often, I didn’t think people cared that much about my blog but since you do I’ll try posting often (that and I’m finally on summer break so I should have all the time in the world).